About Us

Huckleberry Nannies is borne out of community meetings and discussions among local families who have expressed a desire for more community support around childcare.

Kez and Beth, cofounders of Huckleberry Nannies, are two local moms who met through a local postpartum support group.  They found they shared the same desire to help our local families find quality nannies and babysitters and wanted to help create a resource to facilitate this.  With dwindling resources in affordable, 

quality licensed care in the area, more needs to be done to help facilitate nanny shares, co-op situations, temporary care and postpartum support. 

Our mission is to help create more employment for nannies at livable wages while increasing access to care for our local families.

Kerryn Comstock, BA Ed

Kerryn, who goes by the name Kez is one of our founders here at Huckleberry nannies. Kez is originally from New Zealand. She gained her level 5 nanny certificate at 20 years old and worked for different families as a career nanny for over 10 years. She went on to gain her BA in Education. Here she discovered Montessori and fell in love with the philosophy. So much so, she came to Portland, OR to complete the full year training in Elementary Montessori through AMI. During this year, Kez met her now-husband and decided to live in the USA permanently with him and his two children. Their 3rd baby was born prematurely in 2017 and is now thriving. Kez and her family moved out to the Columbia Gorge, WA side, a place they were visiting often, and couldn’t resist the beauty of the geography, the people, and the calmer lifestyle. Kez has previous experience working as a recruiter for a world-wide nanny agency.

Beth Waters, IBCLC, CPpD

Beth Waters, co-founder of Huckleberry Nannies is a Lactation Consultant and Postpartum Doula. She has 25 years of experience as a nanny and is a mother to two children.  She runs a weekly support group for postpartum families in the Gorge and is passionate about advocating for maternal and infant health.  Her work with families is evidence-based and she teaches concepts and strategies in caring for children based on attachment/peaceful parenting.  Beth moved to the Gorge from Berkeley, California in 2016 and homeschools her 2 children.  She currently provides in-home lactation consultations, postpartum doula care, support groups and classes through her other business Honeysuckle Lactation.  She also teaches music classes at daycares locally to children under 5 as Miss Beth She enjoys hiking with her dog Shasta and playing her own music locally.