Nanny Contract Ideas:


Huckleberry Nannies is a placement agency, and our goal is to assist you in finding the perfect match for both nanny and family. Once both family and nanny have agreed to work with one another, HBN are here to help facilitate with any negotiations around employment and the role of the nanny.


We strongly suggest that families negotiate a contract with their nanny:  A contract can be simple and be drawn up by either party.  Here are points to discuss in your agreement:

*Start date and weekly hours


*Term of Placement: We encourage families and nannies to agree on a term of placement. It’s customary for nannies to agree to a placement term of 1 year with a trial period of 1 month.  



We strongly discourage paying your nanny below federal minimum wage. We believe in making it possible to make a living wage for nannies.  Paying a living wage creates more nannies in the Gorge and makes it possible for people to afford to nanny as a job.  We suggest a minimum of $12/hr (preferably $15) for your nanny and more per hour if it is a nanny share.  You will also need to pay your nanny legally, and to set up the proper taxes as an employer, you can go through our partner Home Pay.


*Job Description:

Generally, nannies are responsible for taking care of the children and sometimes do light housework/cooking when appropriate.  The clear details of what the expectations are for your nanny will be key to making a great working relationship.  House cleaning is not a nanny’s responsibility.  


*Any changes to the job description should be negotiated with the nanny and appropriate compensation be offered for increasing a nanny’s hours or responsibilities. 


*Time Off:

Nanny work is a real job and time off/sick days/PTO should be part of their contract with you.  2 weeks of PTO per year is standard. These can be offered as paid days off in case the nanny is sick and can’t come to work, or the nanny might want to use it to take a vacation.  


*Paid Days:  Decide if your nanny will still get paid if your child becomes sick and they cannot come to work.  


*Vehicle Use:  Will your nanny use their own vehicle or yours to drive children?  If your nanny uses their own vehicle, compensation for gas/milage might be negotiated.  


*Parenting Style:  This conversation is the key to a happy match.  Discuss comfort levels with types of discipline and overall parenting style.  


Other Topics to discuss:

Helping with Pets

Yearly vaccinations