Huckleberry Nannies- Placement fees


Permanent placements

Non-refundable registration $50- this is to begin your search and

Placement Fees: A one time fee is paid to Huckleberry Nannies for the placement of the nanny, prior to commencement date. The nannies are paid separately by you, the family for the hours they work. 

Permanent Placement Fees: One time fee to Huckleberry Nannies

Non-refundable Registration of $50 to reach out to our nannies and start your search.


Placement fee is based on the hours the nanny works for you.

Full Time 30+ hours per week  $975

Part-time 10-30 hours per week $675

Part-time 0-10 hours per week $375

Nanny Share Fees:

A nanny share is where two families share one nanny and the cost of the nanny's hourly pay. The families will split the one time placement fee to Huckleberry Nannies.

Full-Time 30+ hours per week $1150 ($575 each family)

Part-Time 0-30 hours per week $850 ($425 each family)

*if a nanny is split by 3 families, the total fee may be split by 3 families*

Temporary Placements: These are paid to Huckleberry Nannies for the Temporary use/booking of our nannies. The nannies are paid separately by you for their hourly rates. 


Daily $20

Weekly $75

Monthly $200 (Up to 3 months, then our permanent rates apply)