Huckleberry Nannies Terms and Conditions for Nannies and Temporary Workers

  1. Upon registration, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions and give Huckleberry Nannies the right to share your information with potential families. All the information you have provided is correct to the best of your knowledge and should anything change you will let Huckleberry Nannies know in writing.

  2. You will do your best to represent Huckleberry Nannies professionally and will let us know of any concerns regarding any issues that may arise during your placement process. You agree to keep the family’s information confidential and will not pass on their information to other potential nannies or families for up to 1 year from being introduced.

  3. You accept that should you be introduced to a family through our temp/babysitting booking, you will continue to only work for that family through our booking site.

  4. You agree to inform huckleberry nannies if you receive an offer from a family or client which we have introduced you to. You must agree with the family or client the details of the job before commencement date. These include your duties, pay, hours of work, holidays and notice period.

  5. All information shared between huckleberry nannies, families and nannies will be kept strictly confidential and only shared should the party agree.

  6. Records of all introductions are kept by Huckleberry nannies. You, the nanny, will inform Huckleberry nannies immediately if you have already been introduced to a family previously.

  7. Huckleberry Nannies is a placement agency, which acts as an introduction agent of childcare to its families and clients. Huckleberry nannies do not take responsibility for you and the family. We advise you are aware of any State regulations and licensing you may require working in your area.

  8. Huckleberry nannies are not an employment agency. It is up to the family and the nanny to do their own payroll and taxes.